Calvin n Hobbes - those lovely schooldays!!!

Calvin n Hobbes are back(though no Hobbes in this post)!!!

It’s been almost 4 years since I finished school. Wonder how time flies by! What’s left behind are just memories. Memories that full-up your heart with joy, memories that can wash away any sorrow. This post is a tribute to those sugary little reminiscences.

Below is a compilation of some of the best of ‘Calvin n Hobbes’ comic strips wherein Calvin is at school doing what he does best (definitely not studying)!

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Calvin n Hobbes 1 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 2 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 3 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 4 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 5 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 6 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 7 on angadsodhi.comCalvin n Hobbes 8 on

I would love to know which one of those above did you like the best. Please do leave a comment below indicating your favorite!

29 Responses to “Calvin n Hobbes - those lovely schooldays!!!”

  1. angad619 says:

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    or by simply clicking this link:

    Infact, this theme was specially created for this post (notice the font of the banner on top matches with the font of the comic strip!!!)

    Thank you

  2. Satish S says:

    Ah… the things we did in school..

    This post gave me a mighty laugh!

  3. Akshay says:

    Very cute.
    Where do you get this stuff? I just love it.

  4. angad619 says:

    Yup very cute.
    Bill Watterson has drawn over 4000 of these over a span of 10 years.

    Plenty of books available on ebay!!

  5. angad619 says:

    My personal favorite is the second last one where Calvin says,"I wonder if her doctor knows she mixes all those mediactions!!"

    ha ha

  6. Ashish S says:

    I love the first one. I should have tried it in 9th std.

  7. 11dstrings says:

    haha! Genders of nouns… I am actually about to go to my Spanish class in a few minutes. Perfect!

  8. Dodgey says:

    Number 4 is the one, but only by a whisker! Love these guys so much.

  9. sree says:

    Really good. I loved the loophole one, real smart that.. He could make an excellent politician.

  10. zanna says:

    I just stumbled here, and I liked the collection. The one about foreign language hit close to home because I had a German final today.
    I also really wish that the first one, about physics, and the one about the Erie Canal worked.
    So, I suppose I don't have a favorite, but who can have a favorite, when there are so many great ones?
    Thanks for the laughs. :)

  11. pizzpete says:

    calvin is the epitomy of a mischevious little boy.
    I know, I share a house with 3 of them! Number one's the best, though all are excellent, the idea of answering in "his own words" has been tried and actually worked. How can you punish such audacity and creativity? I couldn't, got'em a pb&j and an hour of cartoons. Thanx for the cartoons…calvin's been my hero for years.

  12. Akshay says:

    Hey Angad, you seem to have a great taste.
    We would like to see another post on calvin n hobbes. pleese!!!!!

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  14. Anup Kaka says:

    It was a thrill to browse the site for the first time and your witty remarks

  15. Rachael says:

    hahaha oh yes.. im still in high school.. gotta try me some of these excuses 😀

  16. you know who says:

    just great

  17. Jartsu says:

    I thought the first one was great and the one where he says we both try to demorolize each other… good stuff.

  18. Lyle Lanley says:

    The last one was pretty great; but with our current head of state, it would seem this is no longer true!

  19. Mohit Atale says:

    It was really very funny……

    According to me the bes one is the third last one where he says 'it was her idea'…….

    ha ha ha

  20. Jessie says:


    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !…

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  23. peter says:

    I absolutely love Calvin and Hobbs! I'm one of the "bigger picture" types!

  24. Manish says:

    well there are others worth mentioning as well..

    especially when he and hobbes does some soul searching.. and his snowmen. n…

  25. Sykokid says:

    It Was Her Idea Was the best …..

  26. Angad says:

    Thank you Akshay!
    I have a couple of other Calvin n Hobbes ideas up my mind. But currently I'm busy with my Engineering Sem 3 exams!!

    Probably next month we can have a post on Calvin and his tricks with snow!!

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